Cloud Assessment

Cloud Assessment

A cloud assessment is an assessment reviewing your current cloud environment(s). Understanding your inventory of systems, applications, staff skills, operational maturity, security and cost, This report will contain your current spend and level of maturity around key areas of security, DevOps/DevSecOps, architecture, security, and a cost analysis based on optimization, licensing and cloud offerings.

cloudEQ Assessments are designed to help your business:

Migration Readiness Assessment

A Migration readiness assessment is an assessment to determine your readiness to migrate to the cloud.  We take inventory of your current systems, applications, staff skills, business drivers and cost, analyze the data and deliver a report.  This report will contain future cloud costs, individual application readiness, probability of success, project cost, timeline and changes necessary to migrate to the cloud.

Cost Assessment

A cost assessment is an assessment to determine your current costs and cost savings opportunities. We leverage several tools along with our methodologies to gather information, analye the output and make recommendations to optimize your spend. This report will contain cloud costs, recommendations for licening, transformation, Instance and elimination strategies. We will also propose how we can implement these strategies for you to get the ROI with the lowest effort.  

DevOps/DevSecOps Assessment

A DevOps/DevSecOps assessment is an assessment to determine the maturity of your DevOps/DevSecOps implementation and use. We review current environment and goals, infrastructure, platform and application monitoring, evaluate drift handling, security as code, Measure that against our Maturity model review of tools being used and provide best practice recommendations and roadmap

Security Assessment

A Security Assessment is an assessment to determine the maturity of your security practices, policies, posture, readiness, implementation, and use. We Review the current environment and goals, business objectives and determine gaps between standards (NIST CSF, CIS, CSA, CCM). We will then provide an analysis report along with a remediation plan for aligning security to your desired state.

Application Assessment

Application assessment is an assessment to review 1 or more applications for best practices in coding quality, build process, branch strategies, CI/CD process, application security, performance, and monitoring. The Process checks have you set up indicators to measure the usability, cost, quality, performance, and risk of applications. It evaluates and scores your business applications based on metrics in each area.  These assessments help you make strategic decisions on whether to modernize, upgrade or re-architect or replace your applications.