Experience-Led Managed Services

Whether you need help with a costly cloud operation, lack budget control, struggle to track and meet your KPIs, or have concerns…

Cloud-Based Data & Analytics

Without the right systems in place, your data and analytics won’t advance your business. But understanding how to leverage…

Application Development

Expect customized cloud-native applications designed with speed, security, and a competitive Total Cost of Ownership.


Assess software development and operational maturity to accelerate app delivery and improve reliability/security.

Cloud Security

Protect your valuable data and assets from security threats.


Accelerate your application delivery and improve your security posture.


Infrastructure Automation Services (IAS) helps save time on repetitive management tasks such as deployment, hibernation, scheduling, backup


Evolve your business with best-in-class cloud transformation services.


Day-to-day management of cloud, application, data and supporting systems.

Get Kids Going

Offers sports opportunities to disabled youth of all backgrounds and provides equipment/funds.

Child Rights and You

Strives for a society where happy, healthy, and creative children have their rights protected and honored

Feeding America Mission

Non-profit organization with food banks and community-based agencies distributing food to millions in need.

Toys for Tots Charity

Motivates youth by providing toys to children, benefiting communities and businesses.

St. Jude Child Hospital

Provide care for children with life-threatening diseases, advancing cures/prevention through research and treatment

CIO Digital Summit 1-3 Dec

CIO Digital Summit 1-3 Dec CIO Digital Summit North America 1-3 Dec We are excited to be partners of the CIO Digital Summit this Dec 1-3. Capitalize on new influence and drive the IT industry forward through innovative collaboration. Apply to Attend and join us

The Future of Cloud Technology

The Future of Cloud Technology The cloud enables users to access various applications, information, and data on an internet basis…

Experience-Led Cloud Services

cloudEQ is a professional services company cloud-based services. We are a company compiled of IT experts focused on delivering…

Cloud Planning, Lessons Learned

The cloud journey is an important one. Whether you are already in the cloud and need optimization, automation, transformation…

Azure Cloud Management Gateway

cloudEQ is working with this global Fortune 500 client in the Retail Service industry to lead a POC, Pilot and subsequent global roll out of…

5 Reasons for Cloud​

5 Reasons for Cloud​ Over the last few years, companies have realized that moving from on-prem to cloud software has…

MIM Implementation

MIM Implement

Our client is a global retail company. The company had recently transitioned to a new managed service provider (MSP) and discovered…

Cloud Automation

Cloud Automation

CLOUD AUTOMATION – Accelerate speed to market, reduce outages, improve self-service and increase security…

(POS) Point Of Sale

Our client is a global wholesale company. The company had begun the work to replace their Point of Sale (POS) system and had…

Cloud Migration

Cloud Migration

We began the planning for a significant multi-cloud migration of 2300 servers out of multiple legacy datacenters by architecting a…

Call Center Implementation​

Our client is a national system integrator. The company was expanding and understood that they had outgrown the current solutions…

Perception is Reality

Perception is Reality Sean C. Barker, CEO What is perceived by your client is their reality, and consequently yours. A…

Inside VS Outside the Cloud

Inside VS Outside the Cloud Let’s go with the most straightforward definitions: Outside the cloud – companies that have their…

2 Ways to Make Cloud Cost Less

2 Ways to Make Cloud Cost Less Cloud services often cost less than on-prem environments because Cloud providers have scale on…

Consulting Podcast

Our CEO, Sean Barker, chats with Dean Ash, Co-founder of 360 View Consulting.