MIM Implementation​

Overview of MIM Implementation

Our client is a global retail company. The company had recently transitioned to a new managed service provider (MSP) and discovered that the provider did not have a strong major incident management process (MIM) for dealing with large or significantly important outages.

Our Challenge

To implement a major incident management (MIM) system that included processes for escalations, communications, troubleshooting, and long-term systemic improvement.

Our Approach

We partnered with the company and the MSP to analyze their current state and implement our recommended solutions.

  • People

    • The current MSP and client’s staff were not accustomed to working with nor resolving critical issues in a timely manner

    • We analyzed the skillset of their existing staff and recommended that they invest in both training as well as some additional staff to support the new technologies being deployed


    • Delivered ITIL / ITOM processes for MIM

    • Developed processes for communication and escalation

    • Developed metrics to measure the efficacy of the process and systemic improvement

    • We implemented and project managed the solution end to end to ensure timely execution and budget adherence


    • We leveraged the ITIL software to implement MIM, Change Management, and Problem Management

    • Established a 24/7 command center to facilitate communications and management of the MIM process

    • Implemented communication technologies: integrated email, SMS, automated call-out


Within 2 months the shift in organizational alignment and the introduction of a standard ITIL MIM solution led to a much lower Mean Time to Resolution (MTTR). When we completed the project, our client saw:
  • Outages – MTTR

    • 4 weeks reduced to 2 hours

    • Reduced by 80% in 4 months

  • Communication

    • Moved from infrequent to communicating 100% of MIMs to the technology and business teams

    • 30 min MM updates

  • Systemic improvement

    • Introduced Post Mortem processes on all MIM outages

    • Drop in recurring outages by 70% in the first 5 months