Point of Sale​

Overview of Case Study

Our client is a global wholesale company. The company had begun the work to replace their Point of Sale (POS) system and had partnered with a company to write a solution. We were engaged when they realized that they needed a large and complex centralized system up and running in a colocation datacenter within 4 months. The company had not purchased nor architected the solution but needed it up and available to meet the project delivery dates.

Our Challenge

To help a client-architect, design, procure and implement the solution to make it available for the development team to deploy in 4 months..

Our Approach

We partnered with the company to analyze their project, technical solution, and implementation schedule so we could be sure we could deliver in the time allotted.

  • People

    • The staff lacked the skills to architect and implement a new Point of Sale system

    • We analyzed the skillset of their existing staff and recommended that they invest in both training as well as some additional staff to support the new technologies being deployed

  • Process

    • We met with the development team and analyzed the requirements

    • We architected the solution and facilitated procurement

    • We implemented and project managed the solution end to end to ensure a timely execution and budget adherence

  • Technology

    • We architected the solution based on the requirements for their Development, Staging and Production environments

    • We implemented the full development environment and the minimum for staging and production to allow for a more phased approach and costing for the client


We delivered their new POS solution within the 4 month timeline. When we completed the project, our client saw:
  • Architecture

    • Completed in 3 weeks
  • Phasing Approach – Budget

    • Allowed for a 40% reduction in the current year budget spend and alignment to deployment for better amortization
  • Delivery

    • Delivered the complete environment 1 week ahead of schedule
  • Budget

    • Negotiated an additional 2% off the procurement budget