How I Hired a Powerful Leadership Team

How I Hired a Powerful Leadership Team Starting a company is not complicated; building one is. When starting a new company, building a new team, or expanding your leadership group, human nature is to surround yourself with people you know, like, trust, and believe in, but it is also crucial to branch beyond that process. […]

The Future of Cloud Technology

The Future of Cloud Technology The cloud enables users to access various applications, information, and data on an internet basis rather than physical gear or devices. Because the cloud is a service rather than a product, a business that offers dependable cloud technology enables computing to get done in a much more shared manner. Users […]

Does Cloud Technology Save Money?

Does Cloud Technology Save Money? With all of the technology improvements the world has faced in the last decade, most organizations are leaving their in-house datacenters and are moving towards cloud-based technologies because these services are proclaimed to be cost savings. According to outside research, organizations not utilizing any form of cloud services dropped to […]

5 Reasons for Cloud​

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5 Reasons for Cloud Over the last few years, companies have realized that moving from on-prem to cloud software has added significant benefits to their organizations. In fact, 2014 represented the first year when the majority of workloads were on the cloud according to Allied Telecom. Additionally, it is believed that by the end of […]

Perception is Reality

Perception is Reality Sean C. Barker, CEO What is perceived by your client is their reality, and consequently yours. A supplier servicing a client performing to their contract, having monthly status meetings gets fired. When the contract comes up for renewal, the supplier is shocked that they asked not to bid or bid but simply […]

Build Better Client Relationships

Build Better Client Relationships Sean C. Barker, CEO Good relationships are hard work and take time; however, if done well, the benefit to both parties are immeasurable. I have been on both sides of the table over my career, which has given me a unique opportunity to see what works and what does not. The […]

Inside VS Outside the Cloud

What is inside vs. outside the cloud?  Let’s go with the most straightforward definitions: Outside the cloud – companies that have their data center or colocation facility and purchase hardware. Inside the cloud – companies that have adopted the public cloud, e.g., AWS, Azure, GCP, etc. Suppose you are operating “outside” the cloud. There are […]

Go Green to Improve Employee Satisfaction and the Bottom Line

Go Green to Improve Employee Satisfaction and the Bottom Line Companies being “greener” is both important to the environment and to provide bottom-line business value. With the introduction of more remote workers, most of us have been by default more green than usual.  However, there is much more we can do to be more eco-friendly that will increase […]

7 Things You Might Not Know About Cloud Technology

7 Things You Might Not Know About Cloud Technology Cloud technology is a very complicated topic. In fact, there are many things that you may or may not know about the cloud and cloud technology. The phrase “cloud or cloud computing” is a marketing term used to tout utility-based services available over the internet. The name(s) are all-encompassing […]

2 Ways to Make Cloud Cost Less

2 Ways To Make Cloud Cost Less Cloud services often cost less than on-prem environments because Cloud providers have scale on their side. If the ecosystem you run on includes Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), in all likelihood, you have not optimized your costs. Moving to the cloud alone does not equal cost savings.  The large cloud providers […]

Cloud Planning Lessons Learned Part 3

Lesson 3: Cloud Alone Does Not Equal Cost Savings Our last lesson in the Cloud Journey is an important one! Moving to the cloud alone does not equal cost savings. Here are some financial considerations for you to ensure your migration success. Know how you will measure financial success Yes, you should move to the cloud, […]

Cloud Planning Lessons Learned Part 2

Lesson 2: Just Move, Then Transform Your Questions Answered. Our last blog highlighted how important it is to do your homework before making the right decisions to ensure success in the cloud. Here we will highlight what questions you are or should be asking before migrating. Will our applications work in the cloud? Yes, there is […]

Cloud Planning Lessons Learned Part 1

Lesson 1: Measure 3 Times, Cut Once The cloud journey is an important one. Whether you are already in the cloud and need optimization, automation, transformation or if moving to the cloud is on your to do list, evaluating the benefits the cloud has to offer your particular situation is the first step down the […]