Cloud Planning Lessons Learned Part 3

Lesson 3: Cloud Alone Does Not Equal Cost Savings Our last lesson in the Cloud Journey is an important one! Moving to the cloud alone does not equal cost savings. Here are some financial considerations for you to ensure your migration success. Know how you will measure financial success Yes, you should move to the cloud, […]

Cloud Planning Lessons Learned Part 2

Lesson 2: Just Move, Then Transform Your Questions Answered. Our last blog highlighted how important it is to do your homework before making the right decisions to ensure success in the cloud. Here we will highlight what questions you are or should be asking before migrating. Will our applications work in the cloud? Yes, there is […]

Cloud Planning Lessons Learned Part 1

Lesson 1: Measure 3 Times, Cut Once The cloud journey is an important one. Whether you are already in the cloud and need optimization, automation, transformation or if moving to the cloud is on your to do list, evaluating the benefits the cloud has to offer your particular situation is the first step down the […]