Major Incident Management (MIM)

major incident management

We develop and implement a Major Incident Management (MIM) process designed to reduce the Mean Time to Resolution (MTTR) By analyzing your current processes, incidents, and architecture we can: highlight problem areas, improve response time, identify systemic issues, and implement a set of repeatable processes designed to reduce your MTTR. OPTIMIZING YOUR CLOUD SOLUTION Identification […]

Cloud Optimization

cloud optimization

We want to ensure that your business is optimized for performance and cost We tailor custom designed cloud strategies that integrate the needs of your business. You will gain the full benefits of cloud services through the optimization of your applications, servers, services, containers, and infrastructure, saving you money and improving flexibility. HOW WE DO […]


image of containers at shipyard cloudEQ Operations services

Day-to-day management of cloud systems through standard ITOM / ITSM, and SLA-based services. We have the tools required to run or help you manage your data operations. This can help provide a level of consistency that will allow you to focus your resources on your core business. WHAT WE COVER Monitoring Patching Troubleshooting Provisioning and […]