Cloud Optimization

Manage resources. Leverage data. Increase ROI.
Optimize your experience

Optimization services allow you to manage your resource consumption and save money while adhering to cloud governance standards. You can achieve an average 20-30% return on investment through proper sizing, licensing, hibernation, scheduling, and more.

Optimization done differently

Instead of a tool-driven approach, we focus on a holistic data-driven methodology, customized to your needs. This allows us to create a cloud ecosystem of networks, storage, computing, and operations for a best-in-class optimization experience. And we ensure your optimization is built to last by applying best practices for the financial management of the cloud.

Our best practices
Reducing your cloud costs

Our tailored cloud strategies optimize your applications, services, servers, containers, and infrastructure to meet the goals of your business. All while minimizing costs.

Data-driven methodology

  • Achieve low or zero latency through CDN
  • Save bandwidth costs with algorithms like HTTP compression
  • Monitor network performance continuously with ELB & bandwidth management.


  • Delete drive and EBS that are in ideal states or not needed
  • Identify unattached Elastic load balancers and IP addresses
  • Find EBS unattached to compute instances, or attached to a stopped instance.


  • Turn off resources that aren’t in use with auto-parking
  • Use RI’s instead of on-demand pricing for significant discounts
  • Meet performance and capacity requirements through right-sizing recommendations of cloud instance types


  • Auto-scale based on threshold configured
  • Tune your CPU usage, storage, memory, and I/O profiles
  • Select instance types that match your compute capacity requirements.

Two Ways to Make
Cloud Cost Less

There are ways to optimize the cost of your cloud environment. In this blog, we will focus on the two most significant ways to reduce cost.

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