Cloud Optimization

Cloud Optimization Services

Optimize and manage resource consumption, and save money while adhering to cloud governance standards through cloud optimization services. You can achieve an average 20 to 30% return on investment through proper sizing, licensing, hibernation, scheduling, and more.

How cloudEQ Helps Businesses Manage their Cloud Environment with Cloud Optimization Services

cloudEQ creates a cloud ecosystem of networks, storage, computing, and operations for a best-in-class optimization service to improve ROI without compromising performance, security, or scalability. We optimize cost, storage, network, computing power, and operations regardless of the cloud provider. We continuously update in-depth insights into each process with deep analysis of cloud usage patterns and use these analytics to enable cost savings through a comprehensive optimization process.

  • Tool Driven vs. Methodology Driven– cloudEQ focuses on a data-driven methodology (not just a tool) that covers the multiple cost factors holistically and in context to your business needs.
  • Employ proven in-house and 3rd party technologies or tools to assess and provide various remediation options quickly.
  • Assess your cost and potential savings and help you achieve savings through actionable steps.
  • We ensure the savings last by applying policies, standards, and implementation of best practices for the financial management of the cloud.

4 Key Pillars of Cloud Optimization Activities

The 4 Pillars of Cloud Optimization are the essence of all optimization strategies. The cloudEQ experience and expertise will ensure the best possible outcome for you.





Cloud Cost Optimization

Our cost optimization services help minimize the unnecessary expense of paying for services that are not in use and suggest you pay for only what you need when you need it.

  • Reduce costs by scheduling non-production instances during non-business hours.
  • Long-term savings reserved instances (RI’s) are designed for steady-state workflows.
  • Reduce costs with auto-scaling feature
  • Identify and eliminate unused compute instances
  • Finding and deleting elastic storage blocks, if unattached to an instance

We want to ensure that your business is optimized for performance and cost.

We tailor cloud strategies that integrate the needs of your business, gaining the full benefit of cloud services by optimizing your applications, servers, services, containers, and infrastructure.