Cloud Migration

Cloud Migration Services

Our cloud migration services methodology and approach allow us to accelerate your local IT infrastructure’s migration into a cloud infrastructure seamlessly– with minimal disruption to your business.

Cloud Migration may seem like a daunting effort. But it doesn’t need to be. Getting into the cloud begins with the right partner. cloudEQ has years of experience working with Fortune 500 and mid-sized companies in healthcare, retail, finance, wholesale, banking, and more. Our experience and expertise allow us to design the right migration for you, allowing you to focus on your core business while executing your cloud journey.

cloudEQ will address all aspects of your migration, including data, servers, applications, and services. Your business elements may require new strategies to optimize performance in the cloud, and our professionals will provide support before, during, and after migration. Benefits include automation, scalability, speed to market, rapid development, proof of concepts, and simplified operations. Our professionals handle all technical and commercial aspects of migrating and help determine which cloud platform is better for your business, whether you’re migrating for the first time or looking to expand your cloud presence.

30% Increase in capacity Delivered on Demand

Having just completed a global migration of datacenters to the cloud, cloudEQ was able to deliver a secure and scalable solution proven out during the on-set of COVID, which required a 30% increase in capacity on-demand

Cloud Migration Process

Our process involves working with you, your application teams, business units, installing data collection and dependency identification tools, and building a migration plan that works for your business. This process ensures a smooth migration, continuous communication, and clear expectations for all parties. We have a proven methodology used by nation and multi-national companies alike. 

Cloud Migration Strategy


Cloud Success Stories

Cloud Migration

We began the planning for a significant multi-cloud migration of 2300 servers out of multiple legacy datacenters by architecting a solution for Microsoft Azure and AWS. We then leveraged our proprietary methodologies for data collection, cloud readiness assessments and migration process.