Cloud Security

About Cloud Security

Cloud security refers to sets of policies, technologies, applications, and controls utilized to protect data, applications, services, and cloud computing infrastructure. Secure cloud services are essential to protect your valuable data and assets from internal and external security threats like distributed denial of service (DDOS) attacks, hacks, malware attacks, Spyware, Worms, and Trojan Horses, among other risks.

cloudEQ has years of experience securing data and applications. We help you prevent unauthorized access to your applications, systems, and data by keeping them behind a suitable security barrier for your business.

Experience a fortified cloudEQ security strategy that brings cutting-edge Identity Assurance Management and Intrusion Detection Systems for all systems.

Types of Cloud Environment

  • Public Cloud Services Public Cloud Services are services hosted by third-party providers like Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, and more. These companies have tons of cloud experience and make the servers accessible through web browsers, controlling authentication, monitoring access control, and managing data security from anywhere.
  • Private Cloud Services When utilizing a private cloud service, they are only accessible to that single organization or individual. However, even though they may be private to only one organization, breaches and cyber security issues can still occur.
  • Hybrid Cloud Services This type of cloud service combines private and public cloud aspects to try to create the best of both worlds. The hybrid service gives organizations more control over their data, resources, and system than a standard public cloud service while increasing choice, agility, scalability, and adaptability.

cloudEQ Security Approach

We at cloudEQ follow a shift-left security approach as well, this helps us avoid security risks to be introduced in your cloud environment. We use a variety of security tools and technologies to close gaps and enable rapid, automated security assessment.

Secure Code

In the cloud, Static Application Security Testing (SAST) is crucial. For every developer, secure coding is necessary, so we adapt the tools to detect and report Vulnerabilities, Security Hotspots, remediation plans and give them feedback on appropriate next steps.

Application Security Scanner

To capture the high-risk Vulnerabilities and perform the (dynamic application security testing) DAST + IAST (Interactive application security testing), we use several tools with a unique DAST + IAST scanning approach that helps find vulnerabilities.

Artifacts Scanning

It’s important once you build your artefacts (binaries, libraries or container images) for distribution they should be scanned for vulnerabilities before distribution or deployment. It is important to integrate this checkpoint in the CI/CD.

Cloud Security Services

Cloud Managed Security Services

For cloud infrastructure & platform protection, we perform security assessments against your workload to assess your cloud security posture and its alignment to cloud security standards like NIST CSF, CIS and CSA. cloudEQ has its own cloud security framework which helps you achieve the highest cloud security level by adopting it.

Devops Pipelines & Cloud Native Apps

DevOps and automation tools such as GitHub, GitHub Actions, Jenkins and Ansible use secrets to access other CI/CD tools, services, container platforms, and cloud environments. This help you achieve the security in pipelines also along with securing the infrastructure pipelines are creating.

Artifact Scanning

We protect your code and prevent unwanted security and license compliance risks from entering your software releases.

Cloud Security Governance

We design and build cloud security governance policies and process frameworks, assess compliance (NIST CSF, CIS, CSA, CCM) with regulatory standards, and identify gaps for remediation.

Our Cloud Security Best Practices

Protect your valuable data and assets from internal and external security threats by implementing our ironclad and cost-effective security practices