Assess software development and operational maturity to accelerate app delivery and improve reliability/security.
DevOps Services

Measure your current software development and operational maturity and develop a strategy for where and how to apply DevOps approaches to accelerate your application delivery and improve your operational reliability and security posture.A typical DevOps model works by ensuring that development and operations teams are no longer partitioned. In fact, usually, these two teams are merged into one, where the engineers work across the entire life cycle of the application, from development and test to deployment and operations.

Evolution of DevOps
The Value We Add
Our DevOps Services provide several benefits such as:
Increased speed
Rapid delivery
Scale operations and management of development processes
Improved Collaboration
Better Security
Our Methodology

Embracing DevOps methodologies requires a holistic effort and a fundamental change from current IT procedures. Substantially different from older offshoring programs to cut costs, DevOps is about investing in existing staff to significantly increase productivity and velocity. Accomplishing this change requires a careful assessment of the current state, gap analysis, solid strategy to reach the desired end goal, and strong leadership to get there. A strategic approach to achieving a successful DevOps environment includes the following components that cover people, process, and technology.

Align Organizational Strategy

Establish a vision and mission or the endeavor, define goals and plan expected return on investments through suitable metrics.

Identify business goals related to product releases and the challenges in current release cycles to achieve desired objectives of business and technology teams; establish most impactful areas to the enterprise.

Assess Current DevOps Maturity

Find out the current level of maturity of the enterprise across people, process and Technology categories to identify pain points

Review and document existing software development lifecycle - design, code, deliver, test, deploy - including workflow, topology, and challenges; record manual, ad-hoc, and inconsistent processes.

Plan Future State

Prioritize future focus areas in alignment with enterprise goals and create a vision for the future state of people, Process and Technology

Prepare for disruption in roles, workflow, and culture; invest in change management experts and leadership; build plans for cross-department communications and goal alignment; anticipate needs for new resources where skill sets are missing

Establish a DevOps Roadmap

Translate the version of the future state into a plan of action across the identified focus

Define full scope of end-state operations including: DevOps practices, communications and collaboration planning, infrastructure as code (IaC) processes, automated testing, and streamlined release management; identify continuous development, integration, testing, deployment, and operations tools

Implement And Measure

Acquire initial tools and infrastructure; pilot 1-2 applications to test DevOps concepts; calculate metrics and impact; share success with broader organization.

Implement the roadmap with periodic monitoring of identified metrics and continuously refining the roadmap

Develop metrics across the full DevOps application lifecycle to track progress such as process productivity, and speed of deployment versus defect leakage; define success parameters; measure current state as baseline for future comparisons and evidence-based improvements.

DevOps Tools and Platforms

DevOps is a set of practices that combines software development and IT operations to shorten the systems development life cycle and provide continuous delivery of high-quality software. There are many DevOps tools and platforms available to help teams automate and streamline their processes. Below are some popular tools and platforms:

Continuous Testing
Alerting & Monitoring
Cloud Platforms
Code Quality & Scanning
Continuous Integration & Deployment
Configuration Management
Why Choose cloudEQ as DevOps Service Provider ?
  • Experience Led & Outcome Focused​
  • We are faster and deliver and do so with lower friction.
  • Experience – we’re not a bunch of college kids learning on the job.
  • Solutions Are Not From Scratch – Methodology, Patterns, Accelerators.
  • Provide extensive expertise in creating robust, secure, high-performing DevOps design and implementation​
  • Proven, Rapid & Trusted delivery​ using Agile methodology

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