Our client is a global retail company. We were engaged to evaluate the cloud services that were being used across the Amazon Web Servers (AWS) and Microsoft Azure global instances to ensure the resources deployed were required and being used effectively.

Our Challenge

To review the current, spend on cloud resources, make recommendations for rightsizing and Reserved Instances (RI) purchases based on the current and future footprint of systems and services.

Our Approach

We partnered with the company on their current and future deployment plans to provide an assessment and recommendation report.

    • We met with the application and operations teams to discuss the current landscape

    • Meet with application teams to discuss future growth or reductions

  • Process

    • Acquired access to the operational tools to review the current utilization of resources and evaluated the utilization at normal and peak times

    • Reviewed the current contracts to determine discount level and budget implications for discounts and RIs post optimization architected the solution and facilitated procurement

  • Technology

    • Resized system and class sizes to align based on utilization

    • Implemented Disaster Recovery Business Continuity (DRBC) architecture and process plans to ensure minimal downtime


The planning and execution took fourteen months and once complete the client was able to achieve the goals of the program for both delivery and cost savings. When we completed the project, our client saw
  • Systems and datacenters moved – $3M annual savings

    • Removed orphaned storage – 300TB

    • Removed unused servers – 100

    • Right sized 1,300 servers based on utilization and peak usage

    • Implemented RIs for committed resources

  • Contractual

    • Identified an additional 3% discount available to client

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