Our client is a national financial services company. The company was in the process of divesting from a larger company and needed to move all the systems out of their existing datacenters and into two new datacenters; one for production and one for redundancy. The project included: two datacenters, LAN/WAN, Mainframe, AIX, SUN, and X86.

Our Challenge

To deliver the architecture, procurement, delivery, installation, execution and program/project management.

Our Approach

We partnered with the company and the Managed Service Provider (MSP) to analyze their current state and implement our recommended solutions.
  • People

    • The client was in the middle of the divestiture and was in the process of right sizing the staff to support both the program and the future run state

    • We worked with the staff and the hardware partners to align the resources necessary to deliver the program and engaged professional services from the suppliers where necessary for implementation


    • Developed the architecture and operational processes

    • Developed metrics to measure efficacy of the process and systemic improvement

    •  We implemented and project managed the solution end to end to ensure a timely execution and budget adherence

  • Technology

    • Developed a new Equipment Architecture design that resulted in higher server density and improved performance

    • Implemented Disaster Recovery Business Continuity (DRBC) architecture and process plans to ensure minimal downtime


The planning and execution of the project took 18 months. Once complete the client was able to achieve the goals of the program for both delivery and cost savings including:
  • Systems and datacenters moved 

    • 2500 servers in US, EU and APMEA relocated to new locations in each region

    • 1100 applications moved

    • Achieved 94% virtualization

  • Process implementation

    • Process implementation 

  • Security

    • Improved security posture to prevent intrusion or breaches

  • Delivered on budget

Case Studies