Modernize Digital Invoicing System


Maple Labs is a cloud-based professional services company that works with customers in many different industries and countries. Like many companies, invoicing was a struggle and a wholistic solution was needed. Maple Labs partnered with cloudEQ to define a solution. The project would create a fully modernized invoicing system with a centralized data repository, security and customer interface

FOCUS ON the Client's Goals 

Before working with cloudEQ, Maple Labs, a professional services company focused on cloud inf rastructure management, was tracking data and invoices in various locations like Excel and email and did not have clear visibility into revenue and projections. Although they could track individual companies in their systems, the dispersed customer data meant that they had no ability to forecast company revenue.


Maple Labs decided to work with cloudEQ because they loved the model, a SAS based solution that can easily scale. cloudEQ created Maple eBooks on an AWS platform that provides customers the ability to pay their invoices on-line leveraging the new SSL encrypted application. cloudEQ created both desktop and mobile versions to make invoicing compatible on all devices.Digitizing invoicing makes everything easier; f rom adding new clients to receiving payments securely online via Stripe. With Maple eBooks they can manage important documents, track revenue per client, easily address overdue payments and monitor total company revenue. These benefits ultimately save Maple Labs and their clients a lot of time.


  • Tracking all invoices in one system
  • Digitizing the invoicing process
  • Have visibility into total revenue
  • Protect online payments

Solution OverView

Before this system was built, Excel, email and written documents were the three primary ways for managing the invoicing process. New automated workflows to invoice and find the data reduced processing time by 50%.

mapleebooks cloud based invoice system


This 6-month project delivered a secure and scalable solution proven out during the on-set of COVID which required a 30% increase in capacity to be delivered on demand. Having just finished the final migration of the single platform to 6 regional environments, our customers quickly provided the customer service experience their customers have come to expect. The new environment-by-country solution provided additional web and application servers on the fly to scale as necessary.


  • Processing invoices in multiple systems with no true tracking availability
  • Time consuming to send invoices and receive payments
  • Manual Processes for adding and tracking invoices


  • 100% secure platform
  • Cost effective system
  • Easy setup and guides for how to use the system
  • Created invoices to be downloaded in PDF Format
  • System is fully SSL secure
  • All invoicing is cloud-based
  • Real-time dashboard for analytics
  • Accessible from online and mobile

Future Plans:

cloudEQ is always looking to improve and add more items to make this platform even easier and more functional. A few things we are working on include: offline feature, making payments to bank/wire payments and integration with ticketing systems like Jira.