Sr Observability Platform Engineer

Posted 2 years ago

Sr Observability Platform Engineer (New Relic)

Fully Remote – Travel Required


Looking for an experienced Sr Observability Platform Engineer with an Enterprise Application Development background. You will be a driving force for performance and Observability. You will provide intelligent, proactive monitoring to ensure end-to-end insight into our client’s core services. You will be involved in understanding the client ecosystem and formulating the strategy to build observability solutions that meet customer goals. Additionally, you will utilize New Relic to provide monitoring, analytics, alerting, dashboards, and insights for maintaining the health and up-time of services across our client’s Cloud infrastructure.

In this role, you will provide Observability for our clients, find the gaps they cannot see, work with technical and management teams and introduce best practices in root cause analysis and resolution. Prioritizing actions against the value derived by our business to our customers.

If you enjoy working in a dynamic, collaborative workplace, cloudEQ provides an environment where you will be challenged and inspired every day. If you want the freedom to bring creative, thoughtful solutions to the table, there’s no limit to what you can accomplish here.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Lead customer delivery engagements and ensure the customer’s successful onboarding, training, and enablement.
  • As needed, work on specific client projects to bring subject matter expertise to the project team and conduct necessary discoveries & engineering tasks to deliver client outcomes.
  • Collaborate with business stakeholders to identify business challenges and align cloudEQ’s technology to provide insights into challenges
  • Provide pre-sales support for active opportunities by providing subject matter expertise, architecture diagrams, proof of concepts, and other strategic activities to win new business.
  • Design content for customized workshops, training, webinars, and customer best practices sessions.
  • Identify gaps and provide hands-on development and enablement assistance to customers’ technical users.
  • Collaborate with account and customer adoption teams to highlight risks and engage appropriate cross-functional resources.
  • You will be able to showcase your understanding and experience of Observability and Site Reliability at scale as part of an organization’s digital transformation journey.
  • Your practical knowledge of modern monitoring, analytics tooling, and observatory best practice will allow you to swiftly evaluate the current situation and decide upon the first steps.
  • You’ll have skills and experience in observability tooling working with New Relic or (Datadog, Dynatrace, Splunk, or similar), delivering solutions in development, test, and production environments, and integrating systems and applications with monitoring and APM tools.
  • You will also be able to show knowledge of: Automation and orchestration tools, basic programming or scripting and experience in a 24/7 enterprise where systems up-time and stability are paramount.
  • Your keen interest in industry trends, particularly DevOps and DevSecOps, will allow you to keep at the forefront of Observability and advise on best practices and new technologies to support this


  • 3 – 5 years of experience in Observability and Site Reliability
  • 3+ Years of experience in Enterprise Application Development, Mobile application, microservices & API’s development.
  • 3+ years’ experience in Application Performance Monitoring Tools, specifically New Relic
  • 2+ years of working experience in NRQL.
  • Understanding of Grok Patterns to parse logs in formats like XML and Json etc.
  • Working Knowledge of Python and any databases (SQL/NoSQL).
  • SMEs in enterprise monitoring like APM, Custom attribute Implementation, synthetic monitoring, browser monitoring, and Log monitoring
  • Knowledge of requirement gathering and rollout monitoring and observability solutions. Partner with the business and development teams to identify requirements, define monitoring solutions, and implement the same.
  • Experience in Application Performance Monitoring (APM) and Infrastructure Monitoring for Different Hybrid Business Applications and Infrastructure
  • Providing health and performance reports, developing AIOps rules, creating alerts, creating custom dashboards
  • Experience in integrating New Relic with other tools such as Service-Cafe, PagerDuty, Slack, webhook, and JIRA
  • Experience in creating workloads and user onboarding.

Other Qualifications

  • Effective and efficient operational support of different enterprise monitoring tools (New Relic, SolarWinds) is preferred
  • Assisting application support teams in developing and deploying a compelling monitoring profile for their critical applications and services using various monitoring techniques
  • IT certification (ITIL) or equivalent is preferable.
  • The adaptability of new monitoring tools and platforms.
  • Good experience in MS Excel, formulas, pivot tables, and chart creation.
  • Good presentation and communication skills (both verbal and written).
  • Strong interpersonal skills and ability to collaborate with cross-functional teams.
  • Strong organizational, problem-solving, and analytical skills.


  • BA – Computer Science or related


  • MBA or related

Soft skills

Listening, influencing, problem-solving, self-motivated, teamwork, adaptability with a driving attitude to get things done



Job Summary
3-5 years


14 Hewett Street, London EC2A 3NP, England