The people who power digital transformation
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The people who power digital transformation

Experience-led transformation

Our decades of expertise on both sides of the table positions us to focus on your unique challenges and lead your transformation with speed that lasts. Improve performance, ensure security, increase automation, reduce costs, and optimize your cloud environment—faster.
Services Section

Optimize, secure, and automate your cloud

Our technical experts are here to develop a cloud
adoption strategy tailored to meet your goals, or work with you to evaluate your current cloud model.

Cloud Migration Services Cloud Migration Services

  • 24x7 assistance in all stages of the migration process
  • Removing bugs and errors through migration prerequisites
  • Advanced tools for stable transformation support

Cloud Optimization Cloud Optimization

  • Optimal utilization of IT framework
  • Rapid remediation options
  • Improves ROI without compromising security & performance.

Automation Automation

  • Faster provisioning & infrastructure updates
  • Reduce cost & time by automating manual tasks
  • Industry-leading platform alliances

Application Development Application Development

  • Robust Quality & ISMS, backed by ISO 27001
  • Customized IT support services for your cloud-based app.
  • Enhance SaaS capabilities

Cloud Security Cloud Security

  • Guarantee complete security monitoring across all cloud environments.
  • Mitigate risk, manage assets & rotate passwords
  • Creation of cloud security governance policies

Transformation Transformation

  • We use cloud-native services to transform traditional server systems into microservices.
  • Our focus is on scalability, reliability, cost saving, and speed to market.
  • Rapid application disection

Managed Services Managed Services

  • Automate and optimize any environment
  • Improved system response time, issue detection, cloud compliance, and accountability

Project Services Project Services

  • Timely & cost-effective delivery with simplicity
  • Top-tier tools & technology for seamlessly app migration
  • Partnership with cloud platforms like Microsoft Azure, AWS and Google Cloud


Awards & Recognition

We are incredibly proud of all that we have achieved, and we take special pride in our superior performance, diverse team, and innovative approach. It is an honor to be recognized for our success, and we are dedicated to continuing this journey of excellence.

“Our CEO has been named the Best CEO of 2022! Their leadership and vision have driven the company to new heights of success.”

“Best Company Diversity award for 2022, we are committed to building a diverse and inclusive workplace for all.”

“Named the Best Company Culture of 2022, we are dedicated to fostering a positive and inclusive work environment for our team.”

“Winner of the Best Company Outlook 2023 Award – Recognizing our strategic vision, innovation, financial stability, leadership, and commitment to sustainability and social responsibility.”

“Recipient of the Best Engineering Teams 2023 Award – Celebrating our outstanding engineering talent, innovation, and expertise in delivering cutting-edge solutions. We take pride in our engineering excellence and remain committed to delivering exceptional results for our clients and partners.”

Our Partner Networks

What our customers are saying

They’re results oriented, relationship focused
cloudEQ has led multiple large scale transformation initiatives for me and I can't recommend them highly enough. They’re results oriented, relationship focused (both with the Executive and IT teams), and diligent in their work ethic and drive to do the right thing for the companies they work with.

Vice President

Fortune 500 Company

Exceptional leadership with a committed drive for excellence
I have had the pleasure of working with cloudEQ for almost 2 years and found them to have exceptional leadership with a committed drive for excellence. Their vision and direction are built on a solid understanding of IT combined with excellent financial management and business acumen.

Chief Technology Officer

Fortune 500 Company

Professional and thorough to the core
cloudEQ team is professional and thorough to the core. Highly appreciate their on time delivery of our product and making our system so much more reliable and robust. Great work!

Vice President

Maple Labs

On time deliveries ensuring affordability
You took what was imagined to be a multi-year project, and fully implemented it well inside a year with incredible results, there is no way we could have done this without you.

Sr. Director

Fortune 100 Company

Affordable Competitive Pricing
I am so glad we went with cloudEQ. We got exactly what we needed and more, with a much lower price point than the big 5 firms quoted, and in half the time.

Vice President

Fortune 100 Company

Our work

(POS) Point Of Sale
Our client is a global wholesale company. The company had begun the work…
Azure Cloud Management Gateway
cloudEQ is working with this global Fortune 500 client in the Retail Service…

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