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AWS Validated DevOps Pipeline Automated Provisioning

Drive business agility, innovation, and team enablement with AWS Validated DevOps Pipeline Automated Provisioning from cloudEQ. This is an AWS Validated Solution that incorporates and strictly adheres to the design, build, and operate best practices of the AWS Well-Architected Framework.


  • DevOps Pipeline Automation for EC2, ECS, ECS Fargate, EKS, and VM Hardening.
  • Automated scan of an application by cloudEQ to identify high-risk issues resulting from not following AWS Well-Architected best practices.
  • Support from cloudEQ is provided to set up and configure the required pipeline(s) and redeploy the infrastructure using the appropriate pipeline(s).
  • After the application is installed, cloudEQ will do an automated scan of that app to document adherence with AWS’s Well-Architected best practices and validate that no high-risk issues exist.


Any organization that is developing software and has one or more of these characteristics.
  • Does not have a DevOps pipeline.
  • Have a DevOps pipeline but use manual processes for provisioning.
  • Have only partial automation for provisioning but it is not end-to-end.
  • Lack of certainty that your current pipelines create software that is AWS Well-Architected.
  • Aspire to meet CIS 1.2 standards but lack hardening to accomplish this.

AWS Validation

This automation has gone through a thorough rigorous validation process conducted by AWS to ensure that the software it generates is optimized to AWS Well-Architected best practices. This is critical to ensure that your applications are high performing, reliable and resilient, secure, and cost optimized.


  • Aligns technology with business goals of innovation, speed at scale, and business agility.
  • Supports the delivery of secure and high-quality software at a faster pace.
  • Delivers constantly and in small increments to maximize speed to market.
  • Increases repeatability, reduces wasted effort, and eliminates human error.
  • Ensures consistency in tool selection and use across the development lifecycle.
  • Integrates all components from the developer through the production environment.
  • Automates the security configuration and compliance across environments.
  • Promotes transparent work and cross-team collaboration.