Cloud Observability

Harness the Full Potential of Your Systems with Observability Services

Cloud Observability Services

Measure your current observability maturity and develop a strategy for where and how to apply Observability approaches to accelerate your ability to understand and act based on real-time data A typical Observability model works by understanding your key business process and instrumenting both the infrastructure as well as the application to provide a clear understanding of how the system is performing and/or what the customer experience results are showing.

What is Observability?

Observability is the ability to collect, visualize and understand how complex systems are performing in real-time and how they are or are not meeting the business need. Providing the ability to distill the numerous alerts coming in from systems, metrics, monitoring, and logs into actionable information for technical and business resources.

Observability Maturity  

  • Uptime, performance  & reliability – Proactively identify and resolve issues before customers are impacted

  • Operational Efficiency  – Build for scale to realize the benefits of cloud investments and optimize resource consumption.

  • Customer Experience  – Deliver an exceptional digital customer experience that drives engagement, conversion and brand affinity.

  • Insight and Growth  – Empower engineering teams with data to support faster feature delivery and more experimentation to drive competitive advantages.
Overview of Approach 
Align on common goals and objectives  –
  • Improve service availability, performance & reliability
  • Reduce operational cost, risk & improve efficiency
  • Improve customer satisfaction & retention
  • Grow the business through innovation
Define KPIs For Measuring Success –
  • SLO’s SLI’s & SLA’s Incident Volume MTTD & MTTR
  • Cost to Serve, OPEX, CAPEX Productive Hours & FTE
  • CSAT, NPS, Conversion Rate Attrition, ARPU & LTCV
  • TTM, CI/CD, Velocity, Errors Deployment Success & Quality
Communicate Current & Future State –
  • Visualize & democratize current state
  • Calculate & articulate current negative impacts
  • Track & trend attainment of goals & objectives
  • Quantify & demonstrate the value created
Observability as Code Practice –
  • We build Observability as code for ease of use/reuse
  • Fast deployment
  • Standardizations
Operational Command Centers –
  • Designed for SREs to identify and remediate problems quickly.
  • Improve availability, reliability, stability, and MTTR
  • A few of the ecosystem and applications
Customer Digital Experiences  –
  • Understanding the user experience
  • Usage Trends and patterns throughout your application
  • Business dashboards to bring IT and the Business together with a common understanding
Observability Center of Excellence –
  • Establishing a Center of Excellence to adopt and deploy observability consistently
  • Standards and policy development aiding compliance and reuse.
  • Common repositories for use by development teams
Instrumentation –
  • Infrastructure and applications
  • Kubernetes, APIs, Servers, Services
  • OTel Collectors
Health Check Assessments –
  • Understand where you are in your journey
  • Identify opportunities for better instrumentation
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