Over the last few years, companies have realized that moving from on-prem to cloud software has added significant benefits to their organizations. In fact, 2014 represented the first year when the majority of workloads were on the cloud according to Allied Telecom. Additionally, it is believed that by the end of 2021, 94% of enterprise businesses will have made the shift to cloud technology.

In the past, when cloud computing systems were uncommon, we needed software located in physical drives to run any program or application. Nowadays, the use of cloud computing technologies has become indispensable at any level of organization or company. According to a forecast by Statista, in the single year 2021, only the public cloud services market will grow by a whopping 23%. While looking at such tremendous growth, the question arises, what are the key benefits associated with cloud services that make their use indispensable?

Going Green

Cloud computing technology is playing a significant role in reducing carbon footprints. Replacing hardware and other physical products with virtual services has helped organizations improve energy efficiency. Now employees can access anything from anywhere, not only helping the convenience factor, but cutting down the physical data centers and other technology tools needed to access one simple document. In fact, research conducted by Pike Research Center showed that cloud computing technology used in data centers reduced energy consumption by 31% in just 10 years from 2010 to 2020. Another research conducted on Amazon Web Services states that when we calculate various enterprises’ carbon efficiency, AWS performs the same task with 88% lesser carbon footprints than others. So, by shifting to cloud services, organizations can not only reduce their energy expenses but can also contribute to ensuring a safer and cleaner environment.

At cloudEQ, we are proud to be a fully green company! Besides for our use in cloud software, a few company commitments we have made include: ride sharing, public transportation and cycling, avoiding single-use materials, utilizing paperless contracts, recycling, using energy efficient light bulbs and multi-use hydration flasks.

Cost-saving Alternative

When you see the initial cost of shifting to cloud services, you would never call it a cloud-saving alternative. However, the fact is that most of these organizations have only looked at the initial migration cost but never considered the leverages, benefits and savings they get after shifting to cloud technology.

If every company considered overall advantages and disadvantages and then calculated return-on-investment, cloud technologies would be an easy choice. Once a company has invested in cloud services and has removed the old hardware systems and physical data centers, the cost and time savings they receive make this change a no-brainer. Now, virtually everyone around the world can access data in a matter of seconds.

Another factor that organizations worry about is why they would pay for all cloud services when they may only use a few? However, most cloud service providers won’t charge you anything if you don’t use it. In fact, the pay-as-you-go pricing model is often implemented in cloud storage services. Simply you would only pay for space you’re using instead of paying for a whole non-useable space which can significantly cut-down on the cost.

A survey conducted by Bitglass showed that half of IT leaders and CIOs reported cost savings due to using cloud-based technologies and services. An added advantage of using cloud services is that you no longer need maintenance personnel and local servers, which require specialized maintenance cost as well as consume a lot of space which you may also have to pay significant cost for.


One of the primary factors that stops or hinders the growth of organizations includes computer and storage-related issues. These issues divert the company’s attention to secondary problems rather than focusing on primary goals. Hence the development of an organization usually faces a setback. When the survey team asked InformationWeek respondents about their reason for shifting to cloud services, a vast majority of 65% defined flexibility as their prime reason for this major step.

When it comes to technology, many organizations utilize local servers to handle their hosting and infrastructure. This often needs a lot of time and attention, while working with cloud service providers gives you that time back to focus on central goals. The biggest issue with local servers is the upgrade. Suppose you want to incorporate any system update. In that case, you will need highly paid experts and a major change in IT infrastructure. Extensive and complex procedures take a lot of money and major downtime.

On the other hand, if you want to make updates with cloud technology, you won’t need to wait any longer. It’s just a matter of a few moments because those cloud service providers have already built their system. So in the case of cloud services updates, just a few clicks serve the purpose. This flexibility and hassle-free movement make cloud services an optimal choice for many enterprises.

Our team at cloudEQ wants to ensure that your business is optimized for both performance and cost. We tailor custom designed cloud strategies that integrate the needs of your business. Through this, you gain the full benefits of cloud services through the optimization of your applications, servers, services, containers, and infrastructure, saving you money and improving flexibility.


What would happen to your company if all of the data was lost or even just certain files or components are unable to be recovered? One of the biggest fears that an organization faces is what if they lose all of their data?

Cloud servers provide you with the opportunity and facility to secure your data in cloud storage with an extremely fast disaster recovery system.

A single downtime can cost your organization a huge chunk of time and money, that’s why most users look for faster recovery. In fact, 20% of cloud users claim to have 4 hours or less recovery time; in contrast, only 9% of non-cloud users claim the same.

If your system starts malfunctioning or gets infected with a virus, or your central system gets stolen, then all of your data is in jeopardy to be unrecovered. But if you use cloud servers, even the longest power outages or wildest theft won’t be able to disturb your precious data.

In some cases, even cloud servers can’t stop the data damage. In that case, data backups stored in cloud-based technology can prevent you from any considerable losses.

Increased Security

Data theft is one of the biggest fears that most enterprises face today. Your local systems, though, perform well but can’t sustain major cyber-attacks. Especially physical hardware systems are more prone to such attacks.

Cloud services provide you with the privilege to access your data anywhere, no matter whatever happens to your hardware.

Additionally, cloud service providers are offering special encryptions across networks with safe and secure databases. Now, you have complete control; you can implement authentication procedures or even add security measures to ensure the safety of your data.

At cloudEQ, we understand that protecting your valuable data and assets from internal and external security threats is critical. We implement our ironclad and cost-effective security practices to ensure your data is in the best hands. Likewise, we help you prevent unauthorized access to your applications, systems and data by keeping them behind the right security barrier for your business.

With these five benefits and many more, usage of cloud services has become indispensable for a vast majority of organizations. Now with cloud-based technology, you have a greener solution, save financially in the long run, have a more flexible, reliable and secure system and above all, have a huge ROI benefit. It’s a no-brainer to make a quicker shift to reliable cloud services rather than facing inefficiency by stumbling on alternates.

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