Achieve Measurable ROI with cloudEQ's Managed Cloud Security Services

Securing your cloud environment requires quality vigilance and a comprehensive approach. Basic monitoring tools simply aren’t enough.

cloudEQ’s Managed Cloud Security Services offer a proactive solution, going beyond reactive measures, delivering measurable ROI and peace of mind.

Proactive Security Approach

Our Managed Cloud Security Services adopt a proactive approach that safeguards your cloud environment. We go beyond basic monitoring to provide a robust set of security features that integrate seamlessly with your existing cloud security governance framework:

  • Security Framework Expertise: cloudEQ leverages a comprehensive security framework designed to achieve our clients’ highest levels of cloud security. This framework aligns with industry best practices and industry-leading security standards like NIST CSF, CIS Controls, and CSA STAR. We work collaboratively with your team to ensure your cloud security posture aligns with your overall governance strategy.
  • Continuous Assessments & Vulnerability Management: We don’t wait for vulnerabilities to be exploited. Our Managed Cloud Security Services include regular vulnerability assessments and penetration testing to identify and address potential security weaknesses before they can be compromised. This proactive approach minimizes the risk of data breaches and costly security incidents.
  • Secure Code & Artifact Scanning: Security starts from the foundation. Our services integrate with your development workflow to scan code repositories and cloud artifacts for vulnerabilities. This early detection helps you identify and remediate security issues before they reach production, significantly reducing the risk of exploitable vulnerabilities.
  • App Security Scanner Integration: cloudEQ integrates with leading application security scanners to perform comprehensive security assessments of your deployed applications. These assessments identify potential vulnerabilities and misconfigurations within your applications, allowing you to address them before attackers can exploit them proactively.

Measurable Security Benefits

Security is an investment, but it shouldn’t be a cost burden. Services deliver a clear path to ROI, such as:

  • Reduced Security Incident Risk: Our proactive approach significantly reduces the risk of security incidents. We quantify this benefit by identifying and remediating vulnerabilities before they can be exploited, potentially saving your organization from costly data breaches and downtime.
  • Improved Compliance Posture: Achieving and maintaining compliance with major cloud security standards like NIST CSF, CIS Controls, and CSA STAR is crucial for many organizations. cloudEQ streamlines this process, helping you avoid non-compliance penalties and associated reputational damage. This translates to quantifiable cost savings and positively impacts your brand reputation.
  • Enhanced Cloud Security Governance: Our services empower you to strengthen your cloud security governance by providing real-time insights and detailed reporting on your cloud security posture. This data lets you make informed decisions about security investments and demonstrate compliance with internal and regulatory requirements.

Free Security Assessment

Request your free security posture assessment for your cloud environment for a limited time by scheduling a meeting here.

Let cloudEQ be your trusted partner in achieving a secure, compliant, and well-governed cloud environment.

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