Go Green to Improve Employee Satisfaction

Companies being “greener” is both important to the environment and to provide bottom-line business value. With the introduction of more remote workers, most of us have been by default more green than usual.  However, there is much more we can do to be more eco-friendly that will increase efficiency, improve productivity, and reduce costs. 


Remote Workforce

Creating an environment in whole or in part the workforce is remote. Remote workforces enable the company to reduce power costs, travel time, emissions and would allow companies to decrease their real-estate footprint. Additionally, many studies prove that a remote workforce leads to better employee satisfaction through flexibility and allowing companies and employees to focus on what is important, performance.


Creating a paperless work environment is a shift in thought and does require some expenditures on equipment and services; however, the benefits are substantial. In fact, most companies have gone to centralized printing, providing copiers and scanners in only a few locations per floor and no personal printers. While this is a step in the right direction, this is almost unnecessary in the current time. With video conferencing services, monitors in meeting rooms (if you have an office), electronic signatures, electronic business cards, and services like LinkedIn, there is little to no reason to ever print a document.

Public Cloud

As public cloud adoption rises, so makes the eco-friendly footprint of the company. Several of the major cloud providers have committed to reducing their electric consumption and carbon footprint. Running a data center is not only expensive; it is not an efficient use of energy. The datacenter challenges exist for everyone, power, fire suppression, upgrades, and cooling, to name a few. Additionally, most data centers are not efficient at maximizing the equipment’s usage to its full capability. The advantage of public cloud is that resources are shared infrastructure across multiple clients and efficiency is achieved through their environments.

Learn more about our environmental commitment and our GREEN INITIATIVE here

When companies go “green,” they use recycled products in packaging, migrate to the public cloud, go paperless, reduce emissions, produce less waste, and become more ecologically friendly. This approach fosters the culture of environmental responsibility that improves employee satisfaction, is better for the planet, and can reduce costs substantially. cloudEQ is proud to be a paperless company, doing what we can to increase our employee’s efficiency and ultimately help our planet.

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